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Independent Living Skills Workshops | Manjimup

There With Care Support Solutions will support you to reach your full potential and enjoy a fulfilling home life.

The reason behind the Independent Living Skill workshops is to make clients feel comfortable within their environment.

The Independent Living Skill workshops for the next 6 weeks we are focusing on cooking, budgeting and laundry.

Maybe put in by learning these skills etc … clients can then demonstrate these skills in their home environment wither independently with family or a support worker

We are working from the food bank /food sensations recipes and guides.

At the start of the program each client will receive their own recipe books, with the recipes and resources such as hand hygiene, food and how to store it, recommended amounts to each, food chart, hand hygiene, meal planner and a shopping list.  We will work out a budget before shopping then purchasing the ingredients at Coles.

We will meet on the following dates

Monday 9th August       10:30am – 1:30pm

Monday 16th August     10:30am – 1:30pm

Monday 23th August     10:30am – 1:30pm

Independent Living Activities

Every Monday from 10:30am – 1:30pm (except on Public Holidays)
Date Recipe Cooking Budget
14/06/2021 Pancakes Food safety and how to correctly store cooked and uncooked food. What is a need and a want?
21/06/2021 Meat Kebabs Knife safety Where can you go when you need financial help?
28/06/2021 Mexican Pita Toasties Hand hygiene in the kitchen. Menu group worksheets
5/07/2021 Pizza 5 Food groups Value for money
12/07/2021 Beef Burgers Food on the move What is a serve and how many serving out of a meal
19/07/2021 Veggie Frittata How to tell if eggs are fresh Super foods Bingo
26/07/2021 TBA